Sarah Gillian Fischer is a yoga instructor based in Minneapolis, MN. With over 500 hours of professional training, Sarah has taught thousands of classes over the last 10 years.

In 2010, Sarah founded Lil Breather's kids yoga, a mobile youth yoga program that travels to schools, yoga studios, holds private events and more, including yoga classes at the Children's Museum of Minnesota and a summer partnership with Yoga Camp. In 2012, Sarah wrote and developed the Life Time Fitness signature format for kids yoga and co-authored and starred in Sport Yoga, a kids yoga DVD with Namaste Kid that was released in 2013. 

Over the years, Sarah has taught at Modo Yoga Minneapolis, Life Time Fitness, CorePower Yoga, Blooma, Kula Yoga, Yoga Bella, and led dozens of private lessons. She specializes in vinyasa, children's yoga, senior yoga and prenatal. She believes that yoga is truly for every age and is grounded in the belief that you are not just out there teaching a posture (asana) but rather teaching one how to move and connect to their body on a deeper level through their breath.

Yoga is union or the joining together of mind, body and breath. To Sarah, yoga is also the joining together of people. She is humbled to be a part of the Minneapolis yoga community and continues to find inspiration in her daily yoga practice through her students and teachers that she is surrounded by.

 Sarah is dedicated to sharing her passion of yoga with others in hopes that one day it too becomes their own great love in life. 

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