After teaching yoga to children and adults for many years, Sarah felt that there was a missing generation that could also receive the numerous benefits of yoga. Sarah developed Senior Om with the idea that there are no age limits to a yoga practice. She is passionate about the practice being accessible for anybody, at any age and this opened up the idea of bringing yoga into assisted living homes. It is affordable, convenient, tailored to your assisted living homes needs and accessible for everybody. 

Yoga improves seniors overall health, increases relaxation, and instills a sense of general well being. Through physical poses and deep breathing, Seniors will feel more open and energized. The movements are gentle but deliberate, done slowly and in a controlled manner by sitting in a chair for support and balance. Each week there is a new focus on the body, and residents are able to voice their needs while treating the class like a private session.

To inquire about this unique program email or call 612-382-2744 for more information and to schedule a trial class today!



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